Wk 13 — Essay 2 — Art!

At the beginning of the semester of Art 110, I did not have a clear idea of what art meant besides an expression of oneself. Now after going through this class, I do understand that it is the way that we express ourselves, but not only through drawing — it can be done with pictures, sculptures, film, collages, etc. Art contains a variety of media in order to show off anything that you are feeling. Art is something that not only something you can see visually — it is a feeling as well. While there are artists that just do art for fun and relief, some artists display messages within their work that they wish the audience would receive. Art is sometimes seen as a pastime, but I do now understand that for some, this is an important part of their life. I do think everyone should have some form of art in their life.

My major is recreation therapy. In recreation therapy, we use recreation and activities-based programs in order to assess the needs of individuals with illnesses and/or disabilities as a means of physiological and physical health, recovery, and wellbeing. Our purpose is to improve and maintain physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and spiritual functioning in order for one to live their life to the fullest. As a recreation major, I believe that I will be using art in different ways. In order to have patients improve, we have to have activities for them to participate in. Doing little arts and crafts in order for people to meet one another is a way to improve social skills. To improve physical health, we can have dance classes. A way to improve mental health would be writing down what one feels and sharing or even drawing their emotions on a piece of paper. I believe any form of art is a big factor in the field of recreation and can be used in different ways.

In my own life, I will try to implement little forms of art. I honestly am not the best artist, but I found some of the work we did throughout the semester entertaining and relaxing. When times become tough for me, I might take out my art notebook and do little doodles to relieve stress. I also listen to a lot of music, which I see as a form of art, and I do not see myself not listening to music. I will definitely explore more music genres though. Another thing I really want to get into is photography. I find it fascinating what one can capture in a single picture and I would one day like to take a picture that is so amazing that it's just everywhere (just retweeted and posted on Twitter is the farthest I will get as a nonprofessional but I will take it!) I might buy myself a starter camera and take a few community college photography classes to learn more about it. Overall, I do not see myself completely abandoning art. I will continue to learn to appreciate it a little more.

Art is a thing that does matter. I think art, artists, and artistic impulse is what brings color to people’s lives. Life can be extremely chaotic, but art is something that brings a little peace and happiness in one’s life, one way or another. If art were just to vanish, the planet would be very plain and boring. There wouldn’t be any creativity flowing through the world and it would be really sad. I cannot imagine a place where art does not exist, except it just basically being black and white and everyone is in a sad/bad mood. I hope I do not experience life without art because that is scary to think about. National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) past slogan “a great nation deserves great art” is something that I partially agree with. Although we are not the best nation currently, that does not mean that creativity and artists should stop what they are doing. In fact, I feel like they are somewhat a little more inspired to create. I think that a nation does deserve art and should be implemented in one’s life.

Overall, art 110 was a very educating class. I just expected to come into this class to draw a few things, I learned that we should have some appreciation of art as it comes in many forms. It should be something that one takes and enjoys doing, because if they are not enjoying what they are doing then they are doing it wrong. I learned to not put myself down as an artist — even if I am not the best, I am trying my best and that’s what matters. I do not see myself completely leaving the art scene because I did enjoy it. I hope to incorporate it into my lifestyle in different ways — whether it be within my career or personal time.

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